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Let's sprinkle

Let's sprinkle

1. Why sprinkle, what is realistic to expect at the beginning?

Why "sprinkle"? I will not answer this question and everyone has to answer it yourself. And we leave moralization to others, "competent" (-:
"Sprinkling" means doping, use of anabolic steroids or similar substances to build or improve muscle mass (this information only for those who have not yet met this term).
Some people just sprinkle to get results faster (most). This is especially the case with recreational fitness bodybuilders. They want to achieve a large muscle gain in the shortest possible time. Sprinkling in higher bodybuilding already has some justification, because the ability to gain muscle mass decreases with the additional weight gained! If it has e.g. even 20kg of extra muscle mass, in a clean way it will be very difficult to go on (although possible). 
In top bodybuilding it is different, because there is no doping and it is really hard ... 
Increment in the first treatment is dependent on different actors, but do not expect a miracle and rather do not expect anything. It is better to be surprised than disappointed. It is realistic to expect (if you do everything right) an increase of about 5 to 8 kg, after the treatment you should maintain at least 2/3. If you gain weight easily without steroids, you can gain more kg, say 10-15 kg, but as I say, do not expect a miracle to be disappointed.
Please do not take the information presented here definitively, since "sprinkling" is an area that is not examined at the level as tested eg. drugs. Think of it as a summary of multiple opinions, a sort of elevator that contains what I think is essential to plan your first course. And I think that in the beginning you will search for information yourself and you will not need brief and simplified information as I present here. You will know more.
2. Which substances to choose for the first treatment?
You probably already know some of the substances, so I will not dissect all possible alternatives, but only mention the most common and available substances in our region. Since a lot has been written about the steroids themselves, I will not discuss them in detail, but we will focus on practical information.
After all, you have to realize that the most important thing is the "thing" of the dose size, because almost every substance is effective in a certain amount. 
Each steroid works "in duplicate", that is, it acts not only anabolically (muscle growth) but also androgenic (androgenic effect - enhancement of male sexual characteristics, or muscle). But both principles of action work on muscle growth, so in practice this means that a steroid that has a strong anabolic as well as an androgenic component causes the greatest muscle growth. However, the androgenic steroid component is not always desired (certainly not for women, but it bothers men). While it provides a greater increase in mass, it is accompanied by an increase in water and fat, so the muscles do not look nice but are larger (-:
Needles or pills? It is best to combine them. A cure with only one type of steroid is less effective and more dangerous. Only "needle" cure is a more common procedure, but in the case of substances with long efficacy you do not ensure the exact dosage, ie the actual amount of active substance in the body.
It's the foundation, and it's not just me. It has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect. It is used in various forms which vary in duration of action. Duration of action means how many days a given substance is active in the body, but does not indicate the amount that is released into the bloodstream daily. One important information - the individual species are not very different from each other, in the shovel - it does not matter if you take 500mg of enanthate (slow) or propionate (fast acting), it is still 500mg of testosterone, only the speed and long-term effect are different.
Testosterone with a "long" effect - cypionat , enanthat is suitable for bulk because it "stretches" water into muscles and fat. Testosterone with "fast" effect - propionate, works quickly, better dosed, is less popular, because frequent application is necessary. There are also various "mixes" where more types of testosterones are mixed - the popular Sustanon® 250 or Omnadren® 250 (at present they have the same composition). But be careful of authenticity, here is a guarantee of only a good dealer (our shop guarantees you quality). "Fakes" are sometimes indistinguishable from the original when it comes to omnadren. Common dose 250 - 1000 mg per week. Classic - 500 - 750 mg per week. Excellent as the basis of the treatment. 
One of the first steroids, but still topical and excellent, anabolically strong (but not nearly as testosterone), but androgenically weaker. It is a safe steroid that also protects your joints and allegedly supports immunity. Side effects are almost invisible at reasonable doses - up to about 400 mg per week. The classic dose is 200-400 mg per week. Good as the base of the treatment, excellent as a supplement.
A classic inexpensive steroid, but a bit outdated but still the most used steroid since the birth of bodybuilding. Known mainly as Metandrostenolone® or the excellent Thai Anabol . Effective anabolic and androgenic, but not very safe and "pleasant". Very good as a base in the cure and as an accessory. But if you have money left, choose another substance. Dosage 10 - 75 mg daily (1 tablet 5 mg). Beware of fake.
•  Stanozolol
Smoking steroid, strongly anabolic, androgenically weaker. It improves muscle quality and is therefore mainly used in the treatment when fat growth and irrigation are out of the question. It is relatively safe but expensive. The usual dose is about 20 - 50 mg in tablet form per day and 50-100 mg in injectable form per day or every other day.
It's not even a steroid, it's such a little brutalita. One tablet per day is sufficient, indicating the strength of the steroid (not to mention it contains 50mg of the substance). Very dangerous, very potent anabolic, even more potent androgenic and very unavailable. This doesn't concern you (... and if you do, you just smile because you know what this is about).
•  Methenolon
Similar light steroid to nandrolone, low efficiency but high safety. The perfect choice for any treatment if money does not play a role .... Dosage up to 800mg per week (injectable form), classic for the price of only 200-300mg per week.
((-: Completely "ideal" for the first treatment. Do not even start without. Dosage at least 20 IU per day. Side effects none, availability good, even in a pharmacy without a prescription ...
Well, you'd better forget that, it's time for you to be true bodybuilders.
I have listed the basics of fabrics that you will be able to do well in ten treatments. You can find everything about steroids here.
3. How to plan a cycle, its length and course?
Suppose you want to gain properly, so you go the volume cycle. You can get enough water and fat, but it's the quickest way to gain muscle. The length of the cycle is normally 8 to 12 weeks, but there are also fans of super long courses (half a year or more) or short courses (around one month sometimes less). For starters I recommend 8 weeks, it's a golden middle way. This time means that the substance will be delivered every week (8 weeks - the last dose will be at 8 weeks). However, if a longer release time is used, the cycle length will actually be longer by the time that the substance is active in the body (eg testosterone cypionate is active in the body 12 days after application, so an 8 week cycle actually lasts longer). It's not that much of a thing, but it's good to remember.
The essence of dose cycling is essentially based on myths and is not based on any serious research. Some like to seek science where it is not. There is no miraculous cycling, dose handling and quantity, but there are some basic things to follow. If you are persuaded that if you take testosterone, decadurabolin and primobolane exactly in this order for three weeks, it will be 18% more effective than if you switched the first two substances, they would be wrong and do not believe it. There is nothing definite in the sprinkling, there are no rules and basically the guys try the effects on themselves. However, you have to use some batch cycling, because you cannot end the session with a session, you cannot just interrupt batches. If we used the most primitive cycling, it would look like this:
1 to 6 weeks - 100% dose
7 to 8 weeks - 50% dose
It is a lowering cycle based on the fact that an immediate cessation of substance delivery to the body would mean total hormonal imbalances, a decrease in testosterone and a sharp increase in cortisol - a muscle lover. Thus, if the dose is reduced to the end, there may be a slow balancing of the body with this fact and self-testosterone (and other essential hormones) will begin to produce again.
Such a cycle is, in my opinion, one of the best. Of course, however, the doses must be reduced gradually, I recommend approximately as follows:
1 week - 100% dose
2 weeks - 100% dose
3 weeks - 100% dose
4 weeks - 100% dose
5 weeks - 70% of the dose
6 weeks - 50% of the dose
7 weeks - 30% of the dose
8 weeks - 10% of the dose
At the end, it is still necessary to deploy the substance to "kick" the hormonal system without risking losing 50-100% of the gained mass! These are substances under the abbreviation PCT  Post cycle therapy (AFTER CYCLE TREATMENT).
PCT example:
Tamoxifen + Proviron
Clomid + Proviron
Tamoxifen + Clomid + Proviron
Tamoxifen + Clomid + HCG
Tamoxfen + Proviron + HCG
Clomid + Proviron + HCG
Tamoxiefn + Clomid + Proviron + HCG
They are divided and substance Clenbuterol and Salbutamol
Another type of cycle is pyramid, respectively. increasing, starting with lower doses and increasing, but decreases again with doses down.
1 week - 50% of the dose
2 weeks - 80% of the dose
3 weeks - 100% dose
4 weeks - 100% dose
5 weeks - 100% dose
6 weeks - 70% of the dose
7 weeks - 50% of the dose
8 weeks - 20% of the dose
Representatives of this cycle report that the lower treads are treading at the beginning, so unnecessarily larger. Or consider the first 3-4 weeks just as a start, when the substantial building of matter does not occur and the body just "pulls" water. Opponents of this system point out that when you sick, so you put on the highest dose of medicines, so why do it differently when sprinkling? Personally, I think it is unnecessary to use this cycle, but if you decide to do so, try to shorten the initial phase to two weeks during which you will take 50-80% of the dose.
It is quite common if you use multiple substances in the cycle, such as testosterone (omnadren, sustanone, propionate, cypionate, etc.) together with another substance (such as nandrolone, primobolane). The substance may be more, two to four substances are common during the course (I do not count the adjuvants, to suppress side effects, etc.) For the volume cycle I recommend a combination of testosterone and another injectable substance (eg nandrolone, primobolan) or oral substance ( methandienone, oxymetholone, primobolane, etc.). The advantage of the combination is, according to many, in the synergistic effect of several substances, since a different type of steroid may function in different ways. To achieve maximum effect, you need to combine at least two substances, I recommend testosterone with nandrolone or primobolane to begin with, but you can also try a combination of testosterone with methandienone (classic volume combination). Complex cycles tend to contain different substances at different weeks of the cycle, for example, androgenic substances at the beginning of the cycle and "lighter" substances than the primobolan at the end. You do not have to worry about it, but if you want to do everything you can to avoid losing a lot of weight after the cycle, it is advisable to include for 2-3 weeksprimobolane , or stanozolol .
Example of a more complex multi-substance cycle:
1 week - 50% dose of a strong androgenic substance ( testosterone , oxymetholone ); 100% lighter ( nandrolone )
2 weeks - 80% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 100% lighter (nandrolone)
3 weeks - 100% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 80% lighter (nandrolone)
4 weeks - 100% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 80% lighter (nandrolone)
5 weeks - 100% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 80% lighter (nandrolone)
6 weeks - 70% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 100% lighter (nandrolone)
7 weeks - 50% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 80% lighter (nandrolone)
8 weeks - 20% dose of a strong androgenic substance (testosterone, oxymetholone); 50% lighter (nandrolone)
9 weeks - 100% " sealant " ( primobolan )
10 weeks - 70% of "sealant" (primobolan)
When compiling a more complicated cycle, it is good to remember that in the end it is still important how much substance you have to take each day, to put it simply, what is the total amount of the substance in mg when you add up all the substances. It is sometimes used to give the amount of mg of substances per day, e.g. "50mg a day for a beginner" - and you can do this in several ways, eg. with only one substance (about 500mg testosterone per week or 50mg methandienonone per day - that is about 50mg per day, or a combination, eg 250mg test. weekly 25mg methandienon per day) or multiple substances. How much active substance in the body just active find out about: Testosterone cypionat- efficacy 2-3 weeks, amount 250mg, so 250mg / 15days (indicative data) = 16mg daily. For tablets it is easier, because they have a short lifetime in the body (halflife - 3 to 15 hours, therefore, such as stanozolol significantly more).
There is no suitable time for the cycle, in the cold season you can hide the fat you gain during the course, but you risk the disease and then interrupt the course! Maybe you are now asking yourself what to do if you get sick during the cure. In winter, this probability is quite high. I will not give you a satisfactory answer because I do not want to direct you to gambling with health, it is up to you. It may happen that you are affected by the flu at the beginning of the treatment, in which case I advise not to exercise for a few days and try to really heal without interrupting the treatment. After a few days, it should pass and the cure can continue.


Example for pure muscle mass or diet:

A weekTestosterone PropionateWinstrol® Depot (stanozolol)Proviron®-25Clostilbegyt®
1100mg / every other day50mg / every other day  
2100mg / every other day50mg / every other day  
3100mg / every other day50mg / every other day  
4100mg / every other day50mg / every other day  
5100mg / every other day50mg / every other day  
6100mg / every other day50mg / every other day  
7100mg / every other day50mg / every other day50mg / day 
8100mg / every other day50mg / every other day50mg / day 
9100mg / every other day50mg / every other day50mg / day 
10100mg / every other day50mg / every other day50mg / day 
11100mg / every other day50mg / every other day50mg / day 
12  50mg / day150mg / day
13   100mg / day
14   50mg / day