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We´re sending our goods abroad too. For more information please contact us . !!! 

We´re sending our goods WORLDWIDE.  

Dear customers,

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Attention: You must login or create an account to view prices!

- Each customer is automatically notified of receipt of payment by e-mail as well as when the goods are shipped. 
- You can track the status of your order through your account (recommended) - Valid for registered users. 
- after sending the goods you will receive an email with your shipment number. 
- If you don't receive emails, you can find them in your spam basket. 
- Use diacritics to fill in your own data. 
- for e-mails of the character "when it comes to me", "when I can expect goods" please wait at least 20 days. 
- we ship goods immediately within 24 hours or max. within 3-7 business days after receiving your payment to your bank account. 
- we are not responsible for the non-receipt of the shipment, our shipment ends with the shipment of the shipment, the missed and returned shipments are NOT re-sent!
- the order can be canceled within 2 hours of sending the order, after this time it is not possible to cancel the order (the order is binding)! 
- if the goods in your order will not be in stock, we will send you another product with the same substance in the same quantity and price that is in stock for the smooth flow of dispatch!

All Orders received and currently being processed are progressively handled. 
All confirmed orders are binding. 
We will inform you about the status of your order at the e-mail address you provided. 
You can then expect a shipment in 1-3 business days. 
The shipping time depends on various factors (postal efficiency, customs declaration, international shipping), so we can only give you an approximate delivery date based on our statistics and previous experience. 
If you have any questions, please contact us at Email Address 
We will try to respond to all emails on an ongoing basis. 
If the shipment does not arrive at this time, check with your post office (notice card may be lost).
Thank you very much for your understanding    
Due to the characteristics of the goods or for reasons of force majeure: The 
seller is obliged to fulfill the buyer's order and deliver the goods to the buyer within 30 days of delivery of the goods to the seller. 

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 We´re sending our goods WORLDWIDE. 
You can track the status of your order when registering.
Payment and shipping options: payment in euro , Bitcoin,USDT
1. Payment by bank transfer (internet banking) 
 2. Bitcoin,USDT

 Your order will be processed when we receive your payment to our account. Please include your order number (no other verbal data) as a variable symbol or in the note for the recipient. This number as well as the necessary data for the transfer will be sent to your e-mail as you send your order.
(delivery time 1-3 business days from shipment )
Price of postage / including packing EU zone : 20 €

Please take care to fill in the delivery address correctly. 

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